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Comment: First off, that whole giant

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First off, that whole giant

First off, that whole giant human thing was ousted as a hoax years ago.
If that is a photograph, it is definetely doctored; zoom in as far as possible and look at the conflicting patterns near the roof guns, vents.

You mention David Icke in reference to this photograph:

You claim this is a Nazi military base on the moon, but instead is a marketing "leak" from the movie Iron Sky.

David Icke has time and time again cleaned his website of "unwanted" comments that dont fit his big picture. David Icke is the one who claims the "reptilians did it" in reference to writing the Elders Of Zion, a conspiracy theory manual of sorts describing a Zionist takeover which in itself is a hoax.

Much of what David Icke says is reminiscent of COINTELPRO and Mockingbird: intentional counter-information and misinformation intended to obfuscate the truth and implant second thoughts among "radical" and "dissident" extremist groups.

Your reasoning behind "the moon has an atmosphere" is the presence of molecules which are 2/3 of the components needed to make water. Water can exist without an atmosphere (mars) and the moon does not have the mass to sustain an earthlike contingency. There is some dispute among scientists today whether there is a small, insignificant atmosphere or none at all. The presence of water and earthlike molecules is also indicative of the Giant Impact Theory of the formation of the moon, which states that a large meteor struck earth and knocked the moon off (the moon being a piece of the earth) which would account for the strange orbit keeping the "dark side" away from us at all times.

The hollow earth theory you suggest doesn't account for the geothermal heat released when drilling into earth's crust. If it were hollow, our equipment would not melt before getting far in, it would just pop out the other side (unless you want to tell me that there is a thin layer of magma separating the outside and inside earths). You also say that there is a small star on the inside of earth, which is unlikely as the smallest star we know of is still larger than jupiter, and anything smaller would not be feasible. .07 solar masses is needed to sustain nuclear fusion.

I could go on but I have better things to waste my time on.