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I know 100% what you mean

My wife responds in the same way and I used to feel as you do as well. The only thing I can attribute this situation to is their cognitive dissonance:

So what do I do about this? Well, nothing. I have learned that I cannot force her to break down her belief system. No one forced it on me, it was something that I chose to face and pursue accepting whatever dissonance I had to work through in the process.

jg10289 brought up a good point in the comments above; don't put him on the stand. When you ask, "did you realize..." or "have you read anything about..." that automatically triggers a defence in him and you very well know the answer to those questions. What I meant by adding humour is something like, "Haha omg this crazy politician said..." or "These people are nut jobs, they all need hugs, listen to this..." The less "threatening" the opening, the easier the rest of the conversation may go.

Your frustration and defensiveness, however warranted, may only add to his discomfort. My wife expresses her emotional discomfort very clearly, perhaps your husband just does a better job of putting a "tough" shield around his emotions and what comes out seems like a dismissal of what your saying. But it's not. It's a dismissal or defence over his "reality" and beliefs.

You know you're not crazy and you're not alone in knowing what is really going on in the world. Connect with like minded people (like you're doing here) and just soften or reduce the amount of "new" information your husband should take in. When (if) the SHTF, you'll know what's going on and he will have you there to fill him in when he has no other choice but to face his reality but he'll have his wife to help him through.

It's not easy being "us" and no one said it would be. All we can do is take it one day at a time and adjust our delivery of info to our loved ones in ways that they can receive. But we must also find the strength to admit that the best delivery may be to say nothing at all.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin