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Comment: The death of the GOP???????are they dying?

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The death of the GOP???????are they dying?

the colorado gop leadership still has their heads in the sand. They think the marijuana issue in colorado is a small issue still. They do not believe it needs to be addressed? wtf. This is what they imply when i have talked to them. They do not understand it is the basis's of the republican platform, smaller gov/state right's!

so let me get this straight over 2/3 of colorado voters have changed the colorado constitution and voted in full majority for medical and personal over 2 generations now to the point it is the colorado constitution.

Prediction, if the gop does not see the error of their ways? i predict the gop/cogop will not win colorado again at the presidential level until they support state right's and smaller less intrusive government. If they continue down the same path they have and i see them doing it. Then the cogop will lose more local seats as they oppose 2/3 of colorado voters over the last 20 years. simply put, if the gop opposes ending marijuana prohibition. The gop will end themselves over the next 5-10 years as the cogop becomes a 3rd party by default!

doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out opposing 2/3 of the voters in colorado(swing state) over generations= the death of the gop

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