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Comment: Why do you believe that "the people" will prevail?

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Why do you believe that "the people" will prevail?

It seems to me that history teaches us the opposite. Every revolution seems to end up with the same gang being in charge. As has been noted elsewhere the American experiment has ended in failure. A closer examination of this experiment reveals that the seeds of failure were sown at the very beginning. As a result the powers who were running the show during colonial times have been pretty much in charge of America since at least the end of the Civil War and in effect even before that.

I do not say this to dampen anyone's enthusiasm or to introduce a spirit of apathy. It is simply to suggest that we look at the true situation of humanity in the world. The means sought to improve the lot of any particular grouping of people for the entire length of human history, about six thousand years, have generally been through wars, revolutions, invasions, subjugation of others, extirpating other peoples to secure resources and lebensraum and so on.

America is the top dog in the world at the moment and owes most of her wealth to monetary manipulation in addition to the aggression and neo-colonialism you have mentioned in the OP. (America has been the aggressor in about 500 conflicts, including the subjugation and extirpation of the native peoples, since her founding). The attitudes of other nations towards her are conditioned largely by their share of the spoils or lack of them. The same was true of Britain, where I live, for the prior two hundred or so years. These depredations have always been presented as somehow being morally permissible for whatever trumped up reason the aggressor could manufacture.

Politically the structure of most societies has been designed to keep the patrician classes in power with an occasional sacrifice from amongst their number to satisfy whatever gods they worship. The hierarchy in society is usually designed to provide the means to reward loyalty to the ruling classes and results in a large contingent of rent seekers of all descriptions whose primary occupation is to preserve the status quo which provides their bread and butter. These are the conservatives or right wing. Those who would like to see a little more of the spoils coming their way oppose the conservatives and engender support through persuading the people that they are hard done by and deserve a bigger slice of the pie. These are the liberals or left wing. They both have their origins in the ruling class who find this arrangement to be the most conducive to their maintaining power.

The political theorist James Burnham put it best I think when he said in his seminal work "The Managerial Revolution": "Any ideology expresses the hopes, dreams and aspirations of the masses and the aims of the ruling classes".

This being the case it should be clear to any thinking person that whatever the situation is today in the world it likely resembles pretty much what the situation was at any point in time throughout human history. Only individual circumstances would vary depending upon where God happened to ordain where and when one was born, lived and died. Perhaps it is these manifold individual variations that give us the idea that there is fundamental change taking place. In other words it is a mirage.

The ONLY real change taking place has been in the spiritual realm. Indeed the unchanging awfulness of the material realm has been the seed bed of this spiritual growth. This is the truth that has escaped the vast majority of those who have been born, lived and died on the Earth. While most have sought the mirage of ''change" in their material circumstances the small band of those who have sought the spiritual riches have actually prepared the way for the liberation of the entire human race in due time.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)