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Comment: I do and I am

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I do and I am

I've sent 1000's of emails over the past 4 years to people using many newly created email addresses (because the sheeple tend to start sending the TRUTH into their junk mail folder)and I have spent more time than anyone else I personally know spreading the message of Liberty. I listen to new podcasts EVERY night while I sleep (it burns info into your brain I swear!) from mises.og,,, etc.

I'm doing everything I know how to help future generations. I'm almost 50. I've gone from owning WAY more than I ever needed to now living a minimalist lifestyle, giving away (or selling) all the useless crap that used to own me.

I'm happier than I've ever been and spreading the message of Liberty is the most fullfilling thing I've ever done. Just wish I had found Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell, Paul Craig Roberts, Stefan Molyneux, etc and all the people here on the DP a whole lot sooner!