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Right......the Real Truth Movement

If you really seek the truth you would be open to others in they're quest for truth. I suppose any theory other than controlled demolition is not possible? I have learned credibility, to those who haven't looked past the official story, doesn't mean much. They think anyone who does not believe the official fairy tale is a kook. I think the opposite is true. The planes issue is incidental to the false flag mechanics. There is evidence of many things on 9/11 that have nothing to do with the pulverizing of buildings; and can't be explained by thermate. There was magnetometer data showing shift in magnetic declination coinciding with WTC destruction. Barometric, wind , data that has also co-incidence with the timeline. Hurricane Erin ,not reported category 3 hurricane just outside of NYC and its mysterious track on the timeline. Call me a kook, now; but some elements in the 9/11 truth movement are also a psyop. Look at all possibilities, first we need to know what happened. It cannot be the Govt. Story.