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From: Art Alas for RPLAC Chairman

2) OUTREACH : Let’s put the “serve” back into “Conservative.”

Most Republicans agree that we are missing out on the fastest growing electorate – Latinos. Half of the population in LA is Latino. A language other than English is spoken in over 55% of LA County households. We need to expand our message to include this segment. The Republican message can be delivered without compromise on the most controversial issue of immigration. Here in a local news report, I made the case that “we don’t have a dictator” in reference to President Obama subverting Constitutional law ( Thankfully, our values of voluntary charity and civic service mean we aren’t dependent upon calling out the Democrats. The actions of RPLAC will speak louder than our words:

1. Promoting self-reliance, urban farming, and food freedom in L.A. County’s worst ‘food deserts.’
2. Organizing Constitution classes at local churches, service, and veteran organizations.
3. Holding Citizenship seminars to help residents and other inhabitants obtain American Citizenship if they wish to become an American.
4. Challenge Assembly Districts to offer $500 or $1000 scholarships to college students who write the most effective plan to implement constitutional government, individual rights, or free enterprise in their assembly district.

With a solid re-branded message, we can offer help to Angelinos who find themselves in a hole. We should offer assistance by giving a them a ladder instead of throwing a sandwich. A hand up, not a hand out.