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The part of the federal government that assumes your body

None of us have liberty and why we "Campaign For Liberty" and work to Restore the Republic. Unless you can fiund an illegal doctor willing to forgo insurance and all those government connected departments that perpetrate every inch of any medical facility, you do not have the liberty to get around their policy, except by the government and the policy that the government gives you (medicare or not.. then through your insurance, which it appears is indebted to government/ contracts to ask you.. could be part of a HLS or Patriot Act law going into effect.

As for being on the wrong site.. IMO, this site is divided on how to politically acheive liberty, and I find that is what makes it interesting. I think the third party no party route is a waste of time and energy, and I think getting in the GOP and helping them find their conservative side is a great fight.. very dirty, but then again, they are addicted and we can't expect them to go cold turkey, but we must get involved to accomplish restoring the republic for liberty.