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As to whether these

As to whether these particular photos are fake I couldnt say one way or the other. That being said, giant skeletons have been found for hundreds of years(some larger than others). The bible of course talks about giants existing before the flood mainly(with a few after...such as Goliath). The bible even gives one of the main reasons for the flood was to wipe them out....they were wicked and had a corrupting influence on humanity....also known as "men of renown" likely a basis for the greek mythology...the gods always being large in stature but with the same petty infighting as humans. While of course its hard to verify through independant sources...much of what is written in the bible has been verified to be true through other its quite possible that a tribe(or tribes) of giants did exist. There is never a big deal made of giant skeletons when they are found however simply because it does not mesh well with accepted evolutionary theory. The idea of giants is ridiculed in those circles and professional reputations would be at risk, so any skeletons found will just be buried, or at best blamed on mutation as a freak. I am not saying there was a tribe of 60foot giants...but it is quite possible there was a tribe of 9 foot giants....which seems exceptionally tall if the average height of a man at the time was 5'5".