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And this is why we need to become the GOP. Invade the Republican party. Participate and gain acceptance, become a PCO, and gain inside voting rights. In 2016, if Rand runs, and if he can do just the one thing that Ron Paul did, which was to inspire, then the people will vote for him, many R delegates will vote for him, and he will probably win.

That inspiration came to me one day when I was watching a Republican primary debate just because I had heard two of the candidates were for legalizing cannabis. I didn't hear much about cannabis that night, but I heard about something much more important. I heard Ron Paul talking about blowback, and the expansive military complex and its foreign acts of aggression. He had such defiance in his voice against the ideals of both major parties. I was inspired! I heard him have the courage to say to the entire world the same things about foreign policy that I had been scorned by my friends for saying.

I googled Ron Paul. I learned about free market capitalism, about the Federal reserve, about liberty, about tyranny, about history.

So Rand must inspire, because backing Mitt Romney, was giving in before he had even fought, and Ron Paul is a fighter. And there are always other options. Gary Johnson has four more years to build some steam.