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Comment: You obviously know the difference between elements & compounds.

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You obviously know the difference between elements & compounds.

You are not alone. Hard as it may be to believe, even I know. You state the obvious well. No matter how perfect you present facts, leave it to your audience to interpret as they see fit.

With so many folk knowing the clear & present danger of fluoride, it amazes me how many places rascals put it (pretending to be helpful).

Definition of FLUORIDE (Merriam Webster's Dictionary)
1. a compound of fluorine

    Merriam Webster would be better to state: 1. a compound containing fluorine. Even this simple phrase has its detractors. As for the Medical version, I was alarmed at that one too. As for the term 'fluoride,' Merriam states... "First Known Use of FLUORIDE: 1826"

Suffice to to say many confusing things are stated about fluoride. Many lies are told. Much revenue is made selling these compounds in their toxic poisonous forms. Read the labels.

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