Comment: This is important information, thank you

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This is important information, thank you

There were several points that are very important.. first, I don't know why, but I found something not right about the "legalization of marijuana" in WA and CO. Not too long ago, TX was in the MSM headlines for it's conversation on seceeding from the union..

On an American map, if you draw a line from NE WA to SE CO, anf follow it through to SE TX, you split the USA in half.. and where does the propsed oil line Obama wants to sign? "President Obama is under pressure to make a decision on the Keystone XL pipeline. The proposed project would carry oil from western Canada to the Texas gulf coast." Coincidence?

The article talks about the commitment the Mexico has to the USA's war on drugs..

It's as if the legalization and the oil popeline are the same recipe in the mideast? A reason for MIC to sustain troops to protect the oil pipeline and have the UN, rather than the feds fight the war on drugs here.. as we did gloablly? Paybacks?

This link is included in the article, and I think it is what superceeds the constitution, and why they fight us? I don't know, but I think I'm seeing a drug war taking shape on US soil and I suspect CA, OR (that already have medical marijuana laws) will be big players.

It's really amazing to read and think about this, and this is why I need leaders, like Ron and Rand, because what we are facing is such a "matri-universal" concept built with perpetual war on certain drugs.. for oil, that we may not need with technological advances.

I just read this in the TPP under legal texts:

Environment. A meaningful outcome on environment will ensure that the agreement appropriately addresses important trade and environment challenges and enhances the mutual supportiveness of trade and environment. The TPP countries share the view that the environment text should include effective provisions on trade-related issues that would help to reinforce environmental protection and are discussing an effective institutional arrangement to oversee implementation and a specific cooperation framework for addressing capacity building needs. They also are discussing proposals on new issues, such as marine fisheries and other conservation issues, biodiversity, invasive alien species, climate change, and environmental goods and services.