Comment: I can help with that curiosity.

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I can help with that curiosity.

You spoke of litmus tests. I do the same thing. I can smell a rat with my litmus tests, and this is a very valuable skill.

This is the skill required to accurately distinguish, or discriminate, friend from foe.

Look here:

What constitutes the full measure of that which is censored?

I have a competitive perspective on the subject of political economy, as you may have already measured, doing so accurately if that is in your power to do.

My effort, as poor as it may have been, to offer my viewpoint is met with negative 14 votes.

Your effort is met with negative 15 votes.

What does your perspective challenge competitively and competitively enough to inspire 15 negative votes?

What does my perspective challenge competitive, and is there a common denominator between our perspectives, and furthermore, is there a common denominator linking those who generate those negative votes?

"...i can hardly wait to see all the unfortunate negative voting for your and my comments... C'est la vie"

Resort to deception is a common denominator.