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I have read your other posts

and you have proven to be intelligent, so I assumed you knew more.

No harm done.

I agree with the Cosmic-Energy-Plasma Universe, as all things are electric. That is why I asked those three specific questions, because I read over your link and I did not see any of these issues addressed but in the conclusion it said, "The Big Bang is FALSE"... So, I thought maybe you'd be able to address the position more.

First, dimensional space. It begins with singularity, a " . " and from there you connect two : which become a | for the FIRST MEASURABLE DIMENSION. Additionally, | . becomes |_ the x/y axis, and the 3rd point on the Z plane makes a CUBE.. or BOX.. or dimensional SPACE.

The big bang created space, so if you imagine the 3-dimension cube in front of you, imagine a circle on the perimeter of it representing the points of light expansion. Light is increasing outward infinitely without resistance, while the point immediately behind it is the 'limit' of created space, where new galaxies are formed.

You could think of the expanding Universe like the rings on a tree, growing more and more condensed at the core while the gaps are further at the extent(bark). As a tree grows wider, more rings are introduced showing duration (time/age). The same with the Universe as it expands outward from the center.

Since now you can see the tree and its rings, place an x/y axis in the center, and now you can observe 'dimensional planes' of energy fields. Where there properts are -/+ , +/+, -/-, +/- in the 4 quadrants respectively.

When planets 'align', there is a magnetic 'shift'.

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