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Comment: It truly gets surreal

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It truly gets surreal

I have this tendency I imagine might be shared by someone out there, perhaps it's latent Christianity and it's to doubt or second guess my self or even try to figure out if I might somehow be at fault here. Like reality check here: maybe I'm the one that's crazy and not the world. Maybe I see everything through jaded eyes. We have to be making this up. Because me or us being completely 100% WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING is frankly a lot less scary that us being right.

Ever notice that if and when we are wrong this is like REALLY GOOD NEWS FOR HUMANITY? I mean wouldn't it be awesome if we were all just completely wrong? Uh hey sorry guys, I think we got a bit freaked out there for a while, kinda left the track but it's ok, we see things clearer now, no big deal.

If only it was as simple as me being wrong. All I'd have to do is admit it, make confession and repent. Problem solved! Would that be easier than this relentless daily parade of bad news? There are times when I would give anything, anything at all to be wrong.

Know something? And I hope this doesn't sound like total despair, it's close but not quite but I really kinda doubt we'll ever get the world the way we want it. This nation, if we got things the way we want them, about half of the people probably wouldn't like it. Maybe some would but about half this nation just loves their nanny state. Is it liberty if we have to drag people to it kicking and screaming?

Well so far and quite suddenly at the very least we have become some sort of balancing agent. I think in the future we will continue to have impact. But it's kinda hard to measure success. You don't get credit for making things NOT happen.

Net time somebody calls you crazy tell them if you are then they should shout for joy and bless their lucky stars cause that ain't nothin but good news.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.