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I 100% agree as well.

2014 needs to be the year of exposing the voting problem so we can fix it. (see my post here for ideas on how)

As far as rand goes, here is what he should do.

He needs to decide what True North is FOR HIM, just like his father did. And he needs to VOTE True North, consistently, and he needs to share his thoughts, philosophy, and reasons. He needs to PROVE that he is whomever he says he is. And he needs to do that for AT LEAST 10 YEARS.

Once he has 10 years of consistency around a philosophy that he considers True North, then we can measure him against his own standards. And we can measure his standards against the standard of true liberty.

If he stands for Liberty, everyone on this forum will probably get behind him. If he doesn't.... there is no other strategy other than to try to get the republican establishment to like him instead of us.

If he can do both, more power to him, and all the better for us. Is that possible? If he thinks it is, he's more than welcome to pursue that path.