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Hi Nonna

I am sorry for my choice of words to express the issue, it is not an easy one to explain on simple terms. I would be more than glad to discuss with you over any inquisitions you may have.

I have traveled to Egypt in 2009, climbed on and IN the Red Pyramid, as well as camel rides around Giza and the bent pyramid. Egyptian Culture has always fascinated me. A friend of mine went there as a Junior in high school and I can still remember that wish I made in 2004 to go and see Egypt.. 5 years later, it happened.

Skull elongation is done simply by wrapping the new born babes head with clothe to control the cranial growth. I had asked my professor this exact question just last year during a Summer Neuroscience Course about the advantages of this practice. Like most clinicians, they 'don't know' and so my answer did not come until about 2 months ago when I lay awake in bed thinking my final thoughts. I made the connection, did the research, and discovered that brain matter is formed by tissue whose growth is only limited by the capacity of its environment. When I learned more about the Pineal Gland's purpose with dreaming and spiritual awareness, gland growth was the immediate conclusion.

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.