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admit to watching "Doomsday Preppers" on Nat Geo. It's amazing how they can just add an "er" onto a word and create a new subclass of people.


One of the last shows featured a guy from Houston who was a retired chiropractor. This guy gave out his real first and last name on the show and might as well had given out his address. I found his cell phone number in about 5 minutes because someone had posted it in a hunting forum. Apparently the guy was leasing out his land for hunters. So not only do people know where this guy is in Houston, they also know where his bugout place is in West Texas.

The saddest part was when he was out on his land butchering a goat with his 2 young boys. The youngest boy asked the dad,"What is terrorism?" The dad nearly broke down in tears, unable to explain, and just resorted to saying that they were REALLY bad people.

This guy (and his buddy) live in absolute fear that "terrorists" are going to hit Houston with a dirty bom8, and they think they are going to make it all the way out by El Paso. I felt compelled to call the guy and tell him that he should research 9/11 a little closer. I didn't go through with it though.
His "buddy" fired off his rifle that had a muzzle brake on it
(muzzle brakes divert the gasses coming out of the front of the barrel to the sides, making it VERY loud) INSIDE the deer stand they were in, and damaged this guy's hearing. IDK if they could have found a couple of bigger goofballs for this show.