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Psychiatry and psychology have been denying the existence of the spiritual being for ever and a day, with the anomaly that many Christian churches insist their pastors' training includes psychology.

I and tens of thousands of others have been counselling people for decades and if you counsel anyone long enough with the right methodology, they will have clear recalls of previous existences. There are about 200 different ways to move a spiritual being out of the body he inhabits at which point he realises he is immortal and not a body and loses many fears and gains much new sense of responsibility (obviously).

For decades the MSM and medicine has villified it as science fiction while psychiatrist drug the hell out of people who randomly come up with such phenomena in their ongoing political agenda. A free being is NOT something they want.

Several religions have this knowledge, some for millenia. Now this pedant goes through "scientific proof" of something that has been obvious to millions of current and past people.

The good part is that some of them are at last waking up. Next step, let's hope they stop their prolific crimes.