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me too!

I deactivated my account about a week ago. As such, my productivity shot through the roof! Granted, I am an academic (don't ask how I got here and am still freedom-loving), and it really has allowed me to get a lot more done on my research (finishing up the highest alphabet soup lettering out front of ze name in mathematics). academia is insanity (for those not in it), but I do what I can to encourage free-thinking and independent thought and to be a problem-solver -- which is really what mathematicians do more so than anything else.

I encourage you to look into DIASPORA*. DIASPORA* is a social networking platform that is open-source (designed and developed by the community members for FREE). It's set up to be decentralized, and best yet, you own the data that you post, and you have very specific ways of choosing precisely who gets to see what!