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Comment: OK. Different forms of activism though.

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OK. Different forms of activism though.

I'm more on the street side. Festivals, marches, sneaky propagandizing. Fairly regular outreach to leftist outfits and individuals. Always interested to see how we can cross over, maybe even blend or merge with the rest of society. Basically pretty experimental.

And I'm everything you DON'T want in your respectable GOP boat. In a nutshell I look like a greasy biker hippy. If I put on a suit you will be looking in the alley for the poor guy I beat up and stole it from. And I can do public speaking it's just that I'm meant for a whole other audience. I did way better with the occupy kids because in terms of lifestyle and appearance they feel comfortable with me, I understand them, I can live their lifestyle and speak their language. My family had more than it's share of hippies and bohemian artists and eccentrics. I think it's genetic.

Now as it happened last time in the booth there were a few uncontested slots and maybe just for the joke I could enter and run for what the heck ever stupid office but maybe you can honestly advise me: if you are catching my drift, do I run the risk of de-legitimizing your hard work and diligence? For I promise if elected to office I will be, hands down, that most negligent public officer you have ever seen, I honestly don't think I will ever bother showing up. This based upon the reasoning that whatever my job is it's probably something that doesn't need to be or shouldn't be done anyway. Although I could stretch the boundaries of what is known as political theatre. Get Vermin Supreme in on the action.

So I've always identified as a R3VOLUTIONARY. Having essentially jump started this whole GOP fandangle, we're working around and through it. Big emphasis on off-grid, actually building the infrastructure for a much different future. I don't hold either or any tactic to be superior to any other, my observation is this movement, like biology, is trying pretty much ALL EVOLUTIONARY METHODS ALL OF THE TIME. Nice not to have all our eggs in one basket. It is this essential ability we have to take independent initiative, gain support for an idea and just do it, no permission asked for or given.

So with all that,

guess we'll be seeing you around.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.