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Comment: why don't those of *us* who believe in . . .

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why don't those of *us* who believe in . . .

"shadow government" (a term used by Dr. Paul) 'arrest' those who are complicit?

Because those who are complicit have the support of the mainstream media and are in positions of power . . .

over those of *us* who suspect *them*.

I would be very surprised if most on DP haven't at least done some graduate work--

and most of the people *I* know who suspect conspiring among those in powerful economic circles and in powerful political circles and their various agencies--

are also well-educated--

but most of those of *us* who suspect this have seen things go awry in aspects/facets of society that others do not see--

for example, do you know, personally, someone who was the subject of eugenics experimentation?

Well, I do--

changed my paradigm.

Once you meet a political prisoner nobody else has ever heard about--

your paradigm also begins to change--

Believe it or not; it's your choice--

but why on earth would any civil person 'kick you off' this discussion blog?

I always appreciate those who oppose with civility.


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--