Comment: somehow my gmail account got deleted

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somehow my gmail account got deleted

no idea why but with it went the youtube account. and google has this "recovery" process in which they will do something for free BUT they want your credit card. RIGHT. AS IF. I already resent this whole tracking and data mining thing. That's just a basic modesty issue. I don't want google in my bedroom any more than I want government in same.

So this has changed my life by like not_one_iota. So I decided not to care. Whoever or whatever deleted my account, maybe they were doing me a favour.

Facebook I never got into. I do more yapping on this board than is necessary as it is. And in this age of portable connectivity I am very happy that when I step out the computer and phone stay behind. I find it more relaxing. I'm into keeping life as simple as possible and all this face twitter chat friend me like me tell me you love me stuff just seems complicated. Ironic for the fact that I build software systems. It's got TIME VAMPIRE written all over it.

Now as you say, you question the validity of outreach on this tool. I've been hearing that more and more and how sponsored ads are kicking your content and one might wonder: is such an insular little online world possibly becoming simply and echo chamber where we're largely talking to ourselves?

Submitted for your consideration.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.