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try again

"instead of the manna, the Lord’s body; instead of water from a rock, blood from His side"

Sounds like a reference to John 6's mention of manna where eating and drinking are equated with coming and believing.

There's nothing in the quotation distinctive of Luthers view over any other view of the Communion.

edit: I just watched the video, thanks for posting it.. very telling especially when they talk about their view of irresistible grace...

What troubles me is not that Lutherans think aspects of the gospel can be incomprehensible, but that they openly think some of them are contradictory and illogical. There is a difference between the appearance of contradiction and contradiction itself, and they embrace the real deal contradiction rather than being open to the possibility that there is a solution they don't understand. I think it undermines the character of God and biblical inerrancy.