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look at this:

I met this man before and after--

most of the people around whom I lived at this time who also could have known him refused to believe what happened to him, though even by now (much later) the U.S. congress acknowledged its error--

I'm not sure if he has ever been reimbursed; I think he may be dead now--

This was very well covered up. How many other such incidents have been covered up?

I know several people (one a scientist with a Ph.D.) who witnessed crimes that could not be proven and who became the object of psychopaths--

the one I knew very well managed to escape a death that would have been very hard to prove was criminal--

but he never blew a whistle--

I admire whistle blowers, because they are willing to be mocked/sneered at for having pointed out to people who prefer blindness that all is not well in *our* civilization--and that many things are very wrong--

What I am talking about with the people I know very well (not George Hansen, whom I only met)--

did not take place on a national level, but it opened my eyes to the possibilities--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--