Comment: 3 million? That's it? Uhhhhhh.....

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3 million? That's it? Uhhhhhh.....

ok how did they define prepper? Business is BOOMING at all the self-reliance stores around here, whole churches, man I was driving around the other day, I pass a Methodist church, METHODISTS and they have a banner outside saying PREPPED AND READY and the graphic is a guy in a gas mask. I was like wow.

The most prepped people around here are 1. Mormons and 2. Jehova's Witnesses. These guys got WAREHOUSES complete with logistics and delivery systems. And there are TONS of Mormons and JWs out here.

Thanks to our highly conservative gun laws, practically everybody either has a firearm or their neighbour has a dozen. And it all fits into a basic culture of self-reliance, the whole cowboy thing so nothing about any of this stands out. Except the banner on the church. If I was gonna guess I'd have thought some kind of fire and brimstone Baptists but Methodists? Weseley meets Smith & Wesson?

Can we consider those who are armed as being in some way prepped? The numbers are up around 300 million. Not to forget the recent trends in gun buying overwhelmingly represent "sport" models that are favoured for defence.

How about all those smarter people back east that if they didn't already have a genny and backup fuel supply they hopped right out and got them before Sandy hit. They stocked up on food, water, batteries and rode out weeks with no power. Are they preppers? The numbers just grew a few million.

Now of course LEOs are just waiting to make a big fat deal out of just about anything so they have something to crow about on the news and justify their budgets and their cool Rambo costumes. To them it's like a day out at the park. But I really thing the "prepper mentality" is on the rise. This seems confirmed by numbers at the preparedness expos and this whole absurd zomby meme.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.