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Comment: wierd stuff?

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wierd stuff?

who is to say their isn't any truth in it?
not me,truth can be found anywhere
where would we be as a people if we were left to grow and develop
on our own,would this still be weird,or would it be the norm?
i would venture a guess and say,it would all be common knowledge
how much could we have learned?,say before vaccines,cell phone towers
chemtrails,crap in our water,worse stuff in our feed,radiation
coming from foods we eat,from the dr's office ect ect
i would say these things changed our DNA and our thought patterns
life has a way fending fo itself,if left alone and far from man made
influences designed to change everything right down to the
cellular level
parting shot
ever flip a fractal on it side,and read it like a musical work?
have you ever made an antenna from a pic of a fractal?
i have done this with a cb antenna,it works better than the store
bought ones,why? i think being it is in harmony with nature,so it is not in conflict with it

edit...anyone ever flipped a DNA strand and played that like music?

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