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Just because one went to scientist school, does not mean one is a real scientist.

Before we talk people, what about mammals (they have homesexuals, too)? And what about "altruism" -- it puzzles "scientists," too. What advantage is altruism? Why would a momma cat adopt a squirrel or a puppy? What advantage does it have? (Wrong question, "Scientists;" instead, ask "What harm does it do?")

They do it for the same reason a person adopts a puppy: because they want to. Advantage comes from the species having mothers who go above and beyond: i.e., from it having some really good mothers. Not all of them do it, and some go too far (carrying around dead babies), and some aren't good mothers at all, but it doesn't hurt the species to have a few of them adopting other babies in the mix--it's a sign of good mothering in the species.

There are obvious advantages to homosexuals in a family/tribe/society: for one thing, if the men go off to hunt the giant sloth, but some of them don't feel like going, and would rather stay home with the women, then at least some of them are home when the family is attacked by the sabre-tooth tiger.

Meantime, if the men get injured on the hunt, maybe some who went with them know how to use herbs and medical techniques to patch them up. I've met many a homosexual uncle who was a huge asset to his siblings and their children and to society at large - and if they want to be firefighters or nurses, they can save the genetic heritage of humans that way. A tribe without them, could be at a disadvantage.

Real scientists don't find homosexuality strange at all. It's obviously not a sufficient detriment to kill off any known mammal species and is so common across them, that it is probably beneficial.

All of which is subject to change if the use of man-made hormones continues to the point where the balance is tipped the wrong way. Even if we compensated with artificial means of reproduction, the damage could spread to the rest of the animal kingdom and that would be hard to correct!

What do you think?