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Comment: All I see is paranoia from

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All I see is paranoia from

All I see is paranoia from people who seem more interested in canibalising their own than winning. You sensationalize every move anyone makes, quick to cry out traitor. 0 understanding of what will be neccessary to take back your freedom. How effective do you suppose Ghandi would have been if the Brits had been the only gov on earth and their goal had been population control? You can't win this one by opting out, and you sure the hell aren't going to win it with guns. Haven't you heard? Never bring a gun to a nuke fight. Politics is our most likely road to victory, and your 2% strategy isn't going to cut it. We win by gaining numerical superiority in all political and civil arenas, then dismantling the power from the inside. Fucktards like RP4pres add nothing to our cause save for comic relief. In my experience, the Rand haters will never be able to pull together because everyone is a traitor to these fools. Blind trust is unwise, but hostile paranoia is suicide.