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Comment: How many Brits did Churchill (directly) murder?

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How many Brits did Churchill (directly) murder?

How many Americans did FDR (directly) murder?

Come on Bob -- You cannot compare Churchill and FDR to Hitler or argue they are on the same "par" of evil, seriously?

I dislike it when people call Obama a "Nazi" or "Hitler-like" leader -- It cheapens the denouncement if nearly anyone can get on the list.

I would say Obama is as bad as Bush -- I would put him on that level.

The greatest "evil doers" (against civilians) by in-direct means would be American Consumers -- who as unionists of one kind or another (the voting block they allign themselves with) they abdicate their role as leaders (at the POS) in favor of voting and lobbying (perpetual war and bribery respectively).

Ever "leader" has a mass of voting followers.

Abdication and Bribery has never lead to Consumer-Rule (Free-Market Society) by my observation.