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Ha. What a tool. Do

Ha. What a tool. Do dipshits like you just sit around in bunkers being angry, useless and jumping at your own shadow?
News flash asshole, we are on the same side, it's just I am gaining ground and replacing neocons with libertarians in positions of power and influence throughout my district, and you are making everyone who comes into contact with you believe that libertarians are hostile lunitics. My advise, there are probably considerably less Romney plants among us than you likely believe... Your children probably have not been replaced by Romney cyborg infiltration bots, and your soup has not been poisoned.

But then again... Maybe I "am" actually an eveal Romney infiltrator, hellbent on destroying freedom! Muhuhaaa! Yes, all of the PCOs in my district are RP alright... Romney/Paul Ryan! Fools!! Yes we've taken over the establishment repubs with.... More establishment repubs posing as libertarians, and soon the mothership will arrive! I would have got away with it to if it wasn't for your Amazing ability to tell friend from foe.