Comment: Interesting. Supports previous data

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Interesting. Supports previous data

Biologists have long had the theory that hormones in the womb effected sexual traits. Not just sexual preference, but even the way the brain works. Think about the different ways the brain works in males and females. You will find cross-over traits that are stronger in homosexuals, either more male or more female, etc... These genetic markers, if effected by testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, etc... gives more credence to that theory.

One interesting study found that the more children a woman had, the higher the chance of one of them being homosexual, especially males. The numbers were pretty astounding, for instance if a woman has 6 sons, the 5th or 6th son was many times more likely to be homosexual than the others. They too concluded that after multiple pregnancies, the hormone supplies can be altered or deficient as the woman gets older.

I agree with another poster, that the amount of birth-control drugs and artificial hormones in medicine and food could be influencing the numbers. Also add to that the increased age of women having their first child. Interesting stuff.

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