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Comment: Student Loan Bubble was created by Gov't

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Student Loan Bubble was created by Gov't

Which of my "solutions" (other than direct path to citizenship) could ONLY be handled by Gov't and not the free-market.

I agree with your last statement.

We are not moving toward a free-market though -- The Tech will be available soon (and we are buying it at ever faster rates) wherein the gov't will know every single key stroke, every page you visit, every "like" you like, and every purchase you make -- in real-time. Then it will only be a short while after that they have the A.I to monitor each individual every second of the day.

And "we" are buying the tech faster than they can make it.

If you have a bank account, make money on wall-street, use the internet, have health insurance, pay taxes, buy product online or by a Gov't "certified" (permissible) business-organization-corporation then you ARE participating and expanding corporatism.

There is reality and there is fantasy.

I love Ron Paul -- but an individual does not start capitalism which must evolve into corporatism -- Capitalism is begun by a small voting member body of wealthy asset owners -- where only a few can vote in such a system. As soon as everyone can vote you have corporatism.