Comment: Iran Sanctions

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Iran Sanctions

I'm not very comfortable with the way Rand "plays politics" but it's not a deal breaker for me. Iran sanctions IS a deal breaker. I might have been in denial after the first time Sen. Paul voted in support of sanctions against Iran. I had hoped, perhaps naively, that he had recognized that his vote was a mistake. I actually thought I read somewhere that he voted "no" the second time sanctions came up in the Senate. To my disappointment, he recently voted in favor of tightening those sanctions.

I want Rand Paul to specifically address his fathers arguments that sanctions are an act of war. I want him to address whether sanctions make war with Iran more or less likely. I want to know if he agrees with the President & GOP leadership that an aggressive attack on Iran is acceptable to prevent them from getting the bomb. I want more specifics on his foreign policy views. But ultimately, his voting record will tell (is telling) the tale.