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Comment: ProudAmericanFirst, I concur

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ProudAmericanFirst, I concur

ProudAmericanFirst, I concur with Hoffer and applaud your work. You can think what you like about Rand (even if I think it's counter productive), so long as you are pulling your weight, you're okay in my book.

I think guys like RP4pres get to hung up on names, as if joining the GOP in order to dismantle it and turn it into the Ron Paul party somehow changes you into a Romney fan. I've also found that a lot of the GOP members were going along to get along. Most we're miseducated, but like many, libertarian at heart. Once we outnumbered their neocon buddies, and it was safe, the were easy to convert.

There are no republicans, libertarians, or demo rates.... Only individualists and collectivists. The goal is every one of us should be to turn collectivists into individualists by surrounding them and educating them. Those like me are doing so by taking from the collectivists their power to pass laws against freedom by overpowering their vote, then converting the convertable and turning the diehard collectivists into a minority pariah without the power to sway votes.

We are all individualists here, so what is important is figuring out what grows our strength and reduces there's. battling ourselves about who is the most pure is pointless and stupid. Acting like an elitist who is to pure for everyone else, or lumping everyone who does not share your view of strategy is worse than stupid, it's counter productive. At this point, the liberty movement cannot afford counter productivity.