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Comment: My reply to Henry was answering his wonderment question.

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My reply to Henry was answering his wonderment question.

Henry has an understanding of elemental chemistry better than I. I felt he could digest the article separating the useful from what is not. I had to sift through pile of pharmaceutical propaganda selling fluoride laced "Alice in Wonderland" medicine... before I linked to this brief medical article(no ads; no politics). I was giving Henry a starting point as to his question, "Why?" He is a bright chap, as it seems you are. Both of you are well on your way to figuring this out.

I do find much of this mystifying.

  • Teflon ® (~75% fluoride; Teflon plumber tape; Gore-Tex ®) sold as non-stick kitchenware, plumber tape, rain gear non-medicine (over the counter w/o prescription).
  • Prozac ® (+90% fluoride) sold as non-stick calming medicine.

Sold to innocents that may never see a toxic land fill... Yet, eat, drink, & wear toxic products it all day long.

As for me, well... let us leave it be said I am a humorist. Thank you for your interest in this matter. And furthering my education.


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