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Boat people, yeah that has happened there have been sea fairing nomads long before now. So why do we need to rely on multimillion dollar oil rigs and billionaires?

See I'm from the UK so there's not history of liberty, even if things get better I don't even nearly think it could be as free as I want to be. Even if this place could be fixed politically. Socially, morally even less likely, so I'd still want out. Wasn't it Jefferson that said (paraphrasing here) "an immoral people are doomed to live under tyranny"?

Interesting point about money without tax I guess we can use barter gold, silver or any other medium of exchange. If like I dream, I can supply 90% of my needs my self I only need money for my wants it doesn't matter too much... Whilst employment is in no way being coerced, it is not being wholly independent, it's the next best thing.

Though I think one could contribute, intellectually, financially, in terms of morale from one of my islands. By all means Americans keep the R3volution rolling in the U.S.A. Though I think sea communities could show the world what freedom, liberty and determined individuals can achieve. Besides aside from emigrating I've little choice, I NEED to get out of here I definitely can't stay where I am. Me, I'm running from the state personally and it, in it's many forms has taken all of the land...