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Peace of Mind

Imagine the peace you might find when you no longer are sharing the burden of everyone's problems or rants and raves. Though I have never used a facebook account I don't miss it. Life is just as interesting as it was before and the people I encounter in person are much more fun. Some suck but hey the situation is what you make of it. Project joy and you will find it everywhere.
The surveillance situation is sad and grim. We are now a society of helicopter parents and watchers. If we have no personal direction then the direction of others becomes important. Look at us! we know that face book is an intelligence gathering utility and yet we volunteer to use it constantly. Why? Your life is for you. Sharing is good. Collaboration and communication is good. But this watching business has got to stop. Let life be!
Give it a rest already. If you are serious about change then we have one option. Revolt or die. Succession is a distraction intended to fragment our culture. That's what they want from us.
What they don't want is for us to take control of the situation. That means by strength. Our military must know who they are taking orders from. If it is from their corporate masters then their allegiances will likely be weak. If the sheeple are ordering what must be done and the military brass is in agreement with the principles of a distant American public who finally decreed "no more,!" then we can win. If law enforcement responds to an public of former sheeple that demands that they be left alone, and that real crimes are what should be focused on, then we win. They probably don't like feeling like they are in a combat zone every time they need to serve a warrant either. We have an illness folks. Facebook is but a symptom.