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Comment: Thanks for the 6k. Im sure

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Thanks for the 6k. Im sure

Thanks for the 6k. Im sure it helped. I paid my own way, but I know a lot of the people I brought needed help, and our local groups assisted with donations.

question though... if you donated 6k to help take over the party... and im one of the ones taking over the party... how is it you can see two feet in front of your eyes, and Im a whore? Aren't we both contributing to the same thing in our own way? You're trading an extention of your labor (money) while im trading my actual labor (and a few hundred in donations too).

I have no doubt you are a patriotic Constitutionalist. Its your ability to use diplomacy &tact I question, as well as your ability to dicern friend from foe. We've all read the same shit. We've all seen the same movies. Its laughable that any one RP supporter somehow thinks they have some lofty insight that the other fake-paul's lack. Its education that woke us all up in the first place. Like you, I own a sign shop and spend about 6 hours a day listening to Von Mises and every other internet video out there in the background while I work. Its not like you know anything I don't or vice versa, or half the other Ron Paul fanatics dont. I've probably spent 500 hours giving lectures to neocons and others concerning the business cycle, inflation and central banking economics.

Where we differ seems to be our threshold for what goes into a "traitor." Where you see "treason" I see strategy, not that I doubt there are plenty of infiltrators and plants (I caught one at my caucus). While some believe that gaining 2% of the vote until the world burns so they can be the sole survivors in a new libertarian society with the 10,000 surviving humans, I see a need to save America from the inside by making our ideas mainstream (and the urgency of disarming the collectivist voting machine). If you donated 6k to taking over the RNC, then it would seem this is your goal too. If it is, you have a strange way of showing it. Do you think we can take over the GOP, turning from a minority into a majority by walking into our local clubs and calling our opposition names and making them feel stupid? You don't have to sacrifice principal in order to win. But you do have to use a bit of tact.

You have to understand that the 90% will never "get it." They will never understand why freedom is important, or why the central bank is bad. However, if we can reach 10% and make our views mainstream, they will vote our way because it is "normal." We cannot stop the march of government unless we take over the offices doing the voting. To do that, we have to spread our ideas yes, but also take over the power centers of America one position at a time. Most of those in power will come our way once it is "normal and safe."

edit: I responded to the discussion, im sure PAF will find it.