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I'm a West Point graduate

and retired from DoD after 25 years of service. I'd like to say that this young man's story simply doesn't ring true. Unless life at the U.S. Military Academy has dramatically changed since I graduated, it's just not the case that any cadet there is forced, coerced, threatened, cajoled, or in any way pressured to conform to some religious test or standard. The same is true for the Army in general.

There are religious cadets and officers at West Point, and there are (or were when I was there) occasional public prayers at some ceremonies. No one has to bow their head, say a prayer, go to church, or do anything of a religious nature that isn't voluntary.

I might find his story more believable if he had said that a particular officer was guilty of his accusations. However, he has accused a broad swath of officers at West Point and throughout the Army. How does he know what the Regular Army is like? I didn't get from the story that he ever served before entering West Point.

If you read the comments section of that article you'll see a lot of them are from active duty and retired military who are either atheist or agnostic and are saying essentially the same thing I am - his story does not pass the smell test and there's probably something else going on that he's not telling.

IMO, the more likely reasons for his resignation are a change of heart about serving in the military and/or potential money from a book/movie deal around this controversy.

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