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Find a Mormon

I don't mean to say that knowing a Mormon is a good strategy for a food crisis (although statistically speaking, it might not be a bad one).

But, in just about every area of the US, there is a nearby Mormon owned and operated food packing facility. Find a Mormon, and ask them about it. If they don't know where it is, they'll almost surely be happy to find out and get back to you with info.

The facilities are often used by appointment only (staffed by volunteers, on demand), but they have lots of resources available inside of them that you can usually buy at cost more or less. Such as packing cans, the little oxygen absorbing packets you put in the cans.

In a lot of cases they have stuff like rice, flour, wheat, freeze dried apples, powdered milk, etc right there and you can buy it at the time you pack it, but they also let you bring your own stuff in.

Anyway, the people who work the canning facilities will know all kinds of useful stuff like how long various things last, and all that. Its an incredible resource.