Comment: Romney was taken down by the

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Romney was taken down by the

Romney was taken down by the liberty vote. That 8%-15% + of the GOP's voting block that represents the libertarian leaning voter. Just over 400,000 votes in 4 key swing states.

Here's what I know. Rand will have my support because his voting record is by far the best in the Senate (unless something changes). He is not his father, but then, im not depending on him to fix everything. I do expect him to bring the troops home however. I intend to send a whole flock of Ron Paul congressmen and senators from my state to help. I intend to fix my own local gov with those people who are working with me.

Rand will also have the support of the Neocons who now understand (at least where im at, and where you are too if you're doing your job) that no "R" will ever win another election without the support of the liberty voters. This, combined with the fact that Rand has set himself up as someone they can support with a few contraversial votes (That had 0 impact on anything) that helped sell him to our enemies. Whenever his votes have mattered, he's come out on the side of liberty. He will not be a saint like his father, but he will be in a position to win an election.

Thomas Jefferson owned slaves. George Washington had an aweful temper. Harding drank like a fish. No one is perfect. Ron Paul is the messenger who was able to wake up a nation. Now we need to use strategies that will work to take the power back so we can dismantle it.

We don't have 30 years for another saint like Ron Paul to get elected by the masses magically awakening to the freedom message. You want longterm? The masses aren't going to wake up. ever. When things get ugly, they will side with whomever promises them big-macs and monday night football, and you purists will die like all the rest of the "terrorists." And im sorry, but no matter how many AR-15's you have, you're not going to outgun a UN drone missle while you're asleep with your family at night. These are the days of Orwell, and a bloody revolution is probably our least likley chance to win back our freedom.

We'll be lucky to have 4 years if we don't seriously start throwing some wrenches into the machine. Love him or hate him, Rand Paul has placed himself into a postion of electablity. He'll have much of the neocon support. He'll have much of the liberty movement's support. The question you need to ask is if he'll have yours, or if you're going to remain content with your 2% of the vote, waiting for Jesus Christ to run for president while the country burns.