Comment: Here is my story about my experience with unions:

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Here is my story about my experience with unions:

My very first office job (I had been working in retail) was with a union in Ohio. It was the Hotel, Restaurant, Bartenders union. Because I worked in a union office, I was obligated to join the "Office and Professional Workers Union". After a couple of months of sending dues to the address given to me and never ever seeing a representative or seeing a contract, I decided to write them a letter. I simply asked them why I was sending them dues. "What are you doing for me? I have never seen a contract or any representative of your union."
A short time later, the son of the Union Head that I was working for came up to me and handed me a piece of paper. He asked me "What is this?". I was floored when he waved the letter that I had sent to "my" union in my face. He said "You of all people should know better". WTF? I have been pondering his words for years. What should I know? That unions are in the pocket of the employer? That there really is no such thing as "representation"? I am glad that I had that experience because it leaves no doubt in my mind that the whole concept of "unions" has outlived it usefulness to ALL American workers. True story. Furthermore, the place that I worked hired a congresswoman from Ohio to work for them for a short period of time. I can only guess that it was so they could "legitimately" funnel funds to her campaign. F the unions!!

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