Comment: Getting serious about the coffee

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Getting serious about the coffee

Awesome. The more folks that are able to care for themselves, the harder it will be to herd everyone to camp FEMA so the government can "save" them.

2 recommendations: Green coffee beans keep forever. You can home roast them with a "Whirlypop" popcorn maker. (Do it outside - it smokes and stinks BADLY.) You can buy the green, organic beans in bulk through amazon and get free shipping. You can do it through that link at the top of this page and Nystrom gets some kind of brownie points for it. Talk about "real money" - coffee beans will be currency as soon as the caffeine withdrawal sets in... lol!

And check you local bakeries for those big blue barrels - get ones that had vinegar or molasses in them and store your water 55 gallons at a time. I can sometimes get them free, sometimes I pay ten bucks on craisglist. (We use them for aquaponics, too.)You need a couple gallons per day per person minimum, 50 gallons will disappear quickly. (That coffee - not so much for chewing beans, myself.... gonna need water.) Stack a row of them somewhere, put a sheet of plywood over them and make it a workbench or something, but I'd go for more like 500 gallons.

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