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Comment: "Thanks for the 6k. Im sure it helped."

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"Thanks for the 6k. Im sure it helped."

Only an egomaniac would thank a person for something they are not even part of. You've made a few other comments as if you're the one with the power that's doing these things. That's usually a sign of a nutbag and a liar.

"We've all read the same shit. We've all seen the same movies. Its laughable that any one RP supporter somehow thinks they have some lofty insight that the other fake-paul's lack."

Some of us see things better than the next.. It's just part of nature buddy.. I was dealt a better hand possibly in that respect than you were. The rest of what you've said is just gibberish.. after realizing that you may be a little insane and egocentric, I don't feel this conversation is worth much more of my time.

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