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You are doing the right thing.

I wanted to home school, but it was 25 years ago, and no on I knew was doing it, there was no internet, and I got the "social skills" lecture every time I brought it up. So, they went to public school. My son survived it with the capacity to think intact, but he really has a hard time in the "churn-a-FRN" world. My daughter is quite successful, an attorney, and hardly speaks to me because "all I talk about is crazy stuff." Not a direct quote, but an "attitude" quote, if you will.
It is not just the damage done to them, it is what I lost. I would have ROCKED teaching those kids - and they would have gained plenty of social skills. My life would have revolved around loving and teaching them, instead of trying to earn enough money to keep them acceptable in the eyes of society.
You hang in there, and I want a ride on your kid's rocket when he builds the real one.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.