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Comment: ((Only an egomaniac would

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((Only an egomaniac would

((Only an egomaniac would thank a person for something they are not even part of.)) Like contributing to the Ron Paul campaign and his continuing efforts? I see your logic.

((You've made a few other comments as if you're the one with the power that's doing these things.))

Im am the district leader for Ron Paul's campaign out here. It was my job to find other supporters, and bring them together to win our caucuses and infiltrate the party. To that end I have been pretty successful. We have control of our GOP and 2 out of 3 council votes. We will be able to run nothing but RP repubs for state representative as a result. I certainly have not worked alone in my efforts, and there are those with more talent than I have making things happen along with me. Ive got a lot of dedicated RP supporters to help.

As for being delt cards and what not... what a joke. You're a pompus asshole, a paranoid zealot, and I hope you keep donating the bucks, because I have a feeling thats the only way you're going to be of any help to anyone. I wouldn't want you within 100 miles of my efforts. The irony of a rude thug with no tact and brimming with insults brow-beating people for not being "Paulish" enough is too funny. You claim to respect Dr. Paul, yet cannot even muster a shred of faith that the man knows how to raise his child. You insult his boy at every turn as though he doesn't see the crap you spew. Enjoy grumbling with the rest of the (L)ibertarian 2% each times your retarded views accomplish nothing.