Comment: You asked so here it goes...

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You asked so here it goes...

What I suggest is that Rand fans accept the fact that at this time we no longer agree on a presidential candidate outside of Ron Paul. Absolutely there "has been a lot of commenting and posting on Rand Paul". So much so that it seems this website has become the Daily [Rand] Paul.

I'm tired of the insistent pressuring on-and-on about... "he's our best chance" and "you're ruining it" etc. It's deja vu with Romney supporters to the liberty movement. And worse, this pressuring often coincides with mockery, attacks or questioning of ones character (examples below).

It's obvious this constant badgering is agitating to the movement and I fear if it continues that it will cause permanent damage.

So my suggestion is this... Please stop!

Y'know, the entire fate of humanity realizing liberty does not hinge on Rand Paul becoming president or even the liberty movement as it now stands rallying around him. And if you're now thinking, "I never said that!" than you aren't hearing me well. My point is that we already agree on the message of liberty and there is MUCH we can do to promote it outside of discussing Rand Paul. So why don't we concentrate on that?

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.