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You've got to be freaking

You've got to be freaking kidding us, right? You can't be serious I hope.

I can just imagine the international bankers right now - foaming at the mouth over the idea of another American Civil War...they would fund both sides, just as they did during the first one.

"Let's start killing people here at home instead of overseas," is like saying please give me the lethal injection instead of the electric chair.

AMERICA will NEVER again go to war against ourselves, because too many Americans of every religion and race KNOW who benefits.

We must wage a war of information and IDEAS!!!! Don't get fooled into another bloody war, for Christ's sake.

Did you know that OVER 95% of all warfare is psychological, NOT physical bombs, tanks and bullets?

"Because there's a war going on for your mind."

So true....don't think what they want you to think. And the last thing they want you to think is peace, because peace doesn't come with high interest loans, debt, and the sacrifice of our individual rights.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.