Comment: his is dumbing down propeganda

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his is dumbing down propeganda

Saying George Bush isn't saying much.

I had this argument handed to me when I was in high school.. I had signed up for a typing class, and some genius said that by taking such a class I was setting myself up to be someone's secretary, instead of being a president. I wound up dropping out, worked as a cook, dishwasher and bartender for 9 years before I met a young woman my age who had gone to the Culinary Institute of America, got a degree, got the job as a sues chef, didn't have any real experience, but got the paycheck.. and that's when I decided I needed to find a better way to be a chef than working 18 hours every holiday "for someone else". I got an apprenticeship, but was discouraged by a chef and advised I should become a nutritionist, go to college.. so I did. I began remedially, since I was a high school drop out (GED when I was 19).

I can't say it was easy.. I worked three jobs, Alumni bar manager, "Board Room", Student Aide for the craft shop, and various jobs around the community, bagging groceries, cheese girl, prep cook..

And I got involved on campus.. student government, union program council, speakers committee, entertainment committee, and I met a lot of neat people, and I really liked college.. I wound up getting a bachelor of Fine Arts degree.. which everyone asked me.. "What the hell are you going to do with that?" I didn't know.

I wound up getting a job as an assistant designer for a hotel casion, and that led to more, and then by accident, I busted my boss in Las Vegas for embezzeling, got back listed as a whistleblower, and had to remake my life, which I did a hell of a lot of consevation volunteer work..

So I went back to college and studied for a Culinary Arts degree.. I founded a non-profit, Les Amis de Saverin, for low income students to compete in culinary competitions with the American Culinary Federation.. I earned 8 scholarships and dozens of awards, and worked.. as a life guard, in the book store and as a student aide for my dean. I even got a trip to Hawai'i to represent CA in the national culinary competition.. plus, I began an apprenticeship with a Master Guard Manger/ fruit, vegetable and ice carving.. and that's when the BFA degree clicked in..

I think going to school because you don't know what you want to do is a mistake.. work. Get experience. If you can afford an education.. enjoy it. No matter where you go in life, there you are, so if you are someone who sees lessons everywhere, the world is your classroom, and a university can expand that in many ways.

Finally.. what this video is doing is elevating the uneducated who are RICH and FAMOUS, as if that is the goal of life. This is the dumbing down. Rich and famous happen.. or not.. they do not bring happiness.. strive to be happy. Follow your heart, use your head and find the guts to follow your heart.. and if your heart is telling you that to be happy you need to be rich or famous, you've been dumbed down.